Drew and Louise Langsner’s craft school, Country Workshops, has offered courses in carving bowls, spoons and other woodenware since it’s beginnings in 1978. The first CW instructor was Wille Sundqvist, who traveled from Sweden to teach two 5-day workshops at the Langsner’s mountain farm in western North Carolina. At the time, the Langsners had no idea that they had started a craft school that would keep them busy for over three decades. The first chairmaking class with John Alexander was held in 1979, and the rest is history. Over the years Wille Sundqvist has returned several times, as has his son Jogge, who is also an excellent craftsman and teacher.

Drew has been teaching bowl and spoon carving at CW since 1983. He currently teaches summer workshops (averaging 6 or so students) and fall-winter-spring tutorials (limited to 4 students). Drew is the author of 5 woodworking books. Two of these, Country Woodcraft and Green Woodworking, include chapters on carving bowls and spoons. Drew has also written several magazine articles on the same subject. His detailed bowl carving article that was originally published in “Woodwork Magazine” appears as a tutorial on the Country Workshops website: www.countryworkshops.org

It’s also possible to arrange for individual instruction. Plan your own course in traditional woodworking with hand tools. Possibilities include bowl and spoon carving, chairmaking (ladderbacks, Windsors, Drew’s Windsor stool), sharpening and other related skills and projects. 1-5 days. The CW workshop is particularly well equipped for learning bowl carving (as well as a wide range of chairmaking courses and other projects.) The per day tuition includes your private room and Louise Langsner’s quite famous cooking. Contact Drew for details.

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Letter from Steve Friedman. Steve arranged for three days of individual instruction during the winter of 2008. His son Adam came along to try some trout fishing in our mountain streams.


I learned so much more than I could ever imagine in such a short period of time. Your endless patience and ability to teach technical skills are terrific, but your ability to explain the rationale for every action taken from start to finish was incredible.  I never imagined that I would learn the physics of each tool’s design, the anatomy of a tree, or the chemistry of honing an edge.  Each day seemed to pass so quickly, that I was always left wanting more. …
Finally, I want to express my gratitude to you for welcoming Adam and me into your lives for a few days.  We both felt a genuine warmth and inviting comfort that defies description.  …

Steve Friedman
Pennington, NJ

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