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Hanging Disks

The Hanging Disks are much simpler pieces that came about when I was band-sawing materials for the hollow maple sculptures. The first one ‘just happened’ when I decided to saw an additional inch from a chunk of wood that I was starting to work on. I liked the cut-off far too much to throw into the firewood bin.

Since the cuts expose nothing but end-grain, the surfaces are highly absorbent. And the disk itself is very fragile. Especially because there is so much decay inside this log.

At the time, I was using aerosol spray paints and was enjoying seeing these natural forms transformed into a gold color. Hanging the disk by a thread was the obvious way to paint it. And to display it.

The photo is The World on a String, with our ancient cat Big Boy relaxing on the window sill. The World is almost always turning, very, very slowly, reflecting the light and its form in constantly changing ways.

I made several more of these for Christmas gifts. All are sprayed gold. Fall 2016.

The Koans are another go at using flat slices of the hollow maple. These were cut from the stock with a hand-saw after I determined that band-sawing was becoming a risky procedure with the short bits of stock that were still available.

Brush painted with art acrylics, Fall 2018

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