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Series 3

Hollow Maple Sculptures - Painted at an Auto Body Repair Shop

Thanks to a minor fender-bender I got to know George Buckner, owner of Buckner Auto Body Restoration in nearby Weaverville. George has a small shop, with one or two employees. His preferred work is restoring old American pickup trucks, but he takes whatever comes. George’s passion is playing blue grass guitar, especially with his wife and two daughters.

One day I stopped by to ask if they could spray paint the hollow maple sculptures. Budget was once again an issue. There was no way that I could compensate the shop for their time and materials. But I had a suggestion. I would do all of the prep work on each piece. This is the most time-consuming part spray painting, and it must be near perfect, or there wouldn’t be a reason to use their services. Second, I’ll accept any color. If they are already painting and there’s left-over paint in the sprayer, just go for it with one of the sculptures. I also encouraged the idea by emphasizing that they should spray when they’re not pressed for time. And that I wouldn’t be in a hurry. I agreed to pay a minimum amount, mostly as a token of appreciation.

The spraying was done over a period of six to ten months. At times the sculptures were forgotten about. Other times the shop was too busy. It turned out that the guys liked doing these little projects. And I loved the results. The spraying was not easy. The auto body spray equipment isn’t intended to spray into weird, irregular cavities. Auto body parts are painted on just the visible, exterior surfaces.

The paint used is a type of polyurethane, with a clear top coat. Quite snazzy.

8 pieces designated AP-1 through AP-8. Five have titles:

Good Night Moon is supported by a bronze rod and an oak base.

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