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Series 2

Hollow Maple Sculptures - Painted with Airbrush Acrylics

While working on Series 1 I found myself wondering what I could do with an airbrush. Budget was a concern, until I discovered that airbrush units -- including the cute little compressor -- can be found at astonishingly low prices coming from China. Maybe these are production over-runs. Mine has no brand, and everything about it seems to be high quality.

Two types of paint are available – acrylics and lacquers. Lacquers are the pro way to go, but the fumes are persistent and unhealthy and require having an explosion-proof spray booth. I used acrylics, which are also very good paints. The actual airbrush uses a very precise needle valve coupled with tiny parts. Keeping the paints clean turned out to be the biggest challenge.

Spraying with an airbrush was a new fun experience. Except when the jet was clogged. These are tricky things to control, but there’s many possibilities for multiple blended colors and transparent effects. Series 2 sculptures are also characterized by having randomly placed zig-zag patterns, influenced by paper shide found at Shinto shrines in Japan. These were made with masking tape.

After these pieces were painted they were protected with a top coat of clear satin enamel.

19 pieces designated AA-1 through AA-19

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