2010 Bowls

Six multi-hollow servers were carved in 2010. The marine theme that evolved in 2009 was further developed. The pieces also have a more lyrical aspect. Some of the hollow forms have negative interior saddles; they are concave descending from the flat rim and convex from side to side. The acrylic painted cambium of 10-2 is still black. On 10-3 through 10-6 the painted surfaces become stippled multi-chromatic surfaces. 10-1 is the only piece without any coloration.

While sawing the outline of the plan view of 10-6 I discovered a new viewing possibility. This piece can be set upright on one end (photo at bottom right). The sculptural quality takes on new life. The sides and bottom when set prone now becomes the back of the piece. To facilitate this viewing option small copper balancing feet have been inlaid into what now becomes the base.

Woods used. 10-1 is black walnut; unknown source. 10-2 is Tennessee sassafras. 10-3 through 10-6 come from a single waney plank of Tennessee butternut.

The servers created in 2010 do not have titles, except for their number designation, which is in the order of their creation. Each is signed DL and dated ’10 using the kolrossing single knife cut technique and finely ground coffee as the end-grain filler. All of these pieces are finished with a 3:1 mixture of cold pressed flax seed oil and citrus peel solvent.